iOS Guides

How to Set Up & Use Apple Pay?

Even though mobile payment systems aren’t anything new, it took a couple of years for these systems and platforms to become widely accepted. Apple’s own take on a...

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iCloud Drive: The Complete Guide!

Even though we all have access to our own iCloud Drive space (all you need to have is your own Apple ID), not many of us know how to use it. If you are a long-term Apple...

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iOS 10 Widgets Guide For the Best Apps for Your

With iOS 10 being finally released, iOS users from all around the world can finally update their devices and enjoy in what Apple has prepared for us. As we previously...

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Guide: ALL You Need to Know About iOS 10

It’s official! Apple’s latest major version of its mobile operating system is slated for release just a couple of days from now (September 13th). Apple brought this...

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macOS Guides

Guide: How To Set Up a Brand New Mac?

Even though Macs and OS X (or MacOS – as Apple’s operating system is called now) are very intuitive and easy to use, many users are still turning to digital guides...

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Touch Bar: How To Use & Tips and Tricks

As you’ve probably heard, the new MacBook Pro is finally reaching its new users. We recently took a look at this brand-new notebook and its features and posted an...

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JustGoodBites’ Guide to Gaming on a Mac

You probably already know that if you need a computing for playing games, a Mac isn’t the best choice. This especially goes for those who want to play the latest...

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Photos for Mac – The Ultimate Guide

Photos for Mac is an application that is built into your MacOS and which allows you to store images and videos you’ve taken on your iOS devices, or to import them from...

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