10 Essential Tips for the iPad Users

iPad is the best tablet in the world. It has attracted the people of all ages with its amazing look and outstanding features. However, there are so many functions about which most of the users are not aware of. Consequently, they fail to use the iPad effectively.

Here are 10 essential tips through which you can not only transform your iPad into an incredibly effective device but also get an amazing user experience.


  1. Use “Find My iPad” to Get Back Your Lost Device

Do you have a tendency of losing your beloved iPad and having a heart-attack after failing to find it? Well, you can easily find your iPad using “Find My iPad” app. You have to activate it in the iCloud settings. Whenever you lose your iPad, get access to to the iCloud on any computer using your iTunes information. You will be able to display such a message in the lost iPad that will provide instructions to the potential finders to bring it back to you.


  1. Control Your Home Computer from Anywhere in the World with the iPad

You can get access to your home computer with your iPad using the iTeleport app. Despite costing only $24.99, the iTeleport provides you with a supreme ability to control your home computer from any place in the world. That means, even if you are not at home, you can haunt an intruder by playing a horror music on your PC using the iPad!


  1. Use iPad to Receive and Make iPhone Calls

An interesting feature of the iPad is the ability to make and receive iPhone calls. It has been possible with the help of the Continuity function. In order to activate this feature on your iPhone and iPad, navigate Settings>FaceTime. Activate the “Cellular Call” option. From now on, you can make and receive iPhone calls on your iPads. However, both the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and signed into the same Apple ID. Moreover, both the devices must operate on at least iOS 8.1.


  1. Restrict Kids from Accessing Your iPad

Do you fear that the kids will take over your iPad and accidentally delete useful information? Don’t worry.  You can use the accessibility feature, which will disable the children from tapping and deleting important data from the iPad. You just need to navigate to Settings>General>Accessiblity>Guided Access. Activate it and be free from the fear of seeing your iPad being hijacked by the kids! 


  1. Prevent iPad from Playing Music when You Fall Asleep

There are so many people who fall asleep while listening to music on their iPads. And after waking up, they find that the charge of the battery is completely drained out! However, you can get rid of this issue by setting such a function that will stop the music after a specific time. Navigate to Clock >Timer. Set your desired duration. In case of “When timer ends” option, select “Stop playing.” From now on, the music will be automatically stopped after the particular time.


  1. Play the Content of Your iPad on TV

Do you know that you can play the content of your iPad on a TV? To do this, you are required to have an Apple TV. At first, tap the home button twice and swipe left to open the multitasking menu of your iPad. You will find a number of player controls. You will notice an AirPlay logo, provided that the Apple TV and the iPad are on the same Wi-Fi network. Tap the logo and you will be immediately enabled to play different content from your iPad, including videos and photos, on your TV. This trick is handy for those people who want to share their videos and photos of funny moments to the family and friends on a large screen.


  1. Use Google Maps on Your iPad without Any Data Plan

Do you know that if you go to another country, you can still use Google Maps on your iPad without subscribing for an internet package? Though it sounds weird, it is indeed possible. Google allows you to save the map of your desired area on iOS. You need to zoom in the map of your desired location in Google Maps. In the search box, write “OK Maps.” From now on, you can use this map on the iPad even if there is no internet connection.   


  1. Take Photos Using Volume Buttons of the Headphones

Everyone loves to take photos with the iPad. But do you know that you can capture images using the volume buttons on the headphones? You just need to press the “+” or “-“ button on the music controls on your headphone while the camera app is running. You will find that it is working as a shutter release. This method is very effective for those people who are not that good at taking selfies! 


  1. Activate Additional Features by Tripple Tapping the Home Button

Despite most of the people are familiar with the option of double tapping the home button to get access to the running apps, only a few persons are aware about the triple tapping feature on the iPad. By tapping the home button for three times, you will be enabled to get access to a wide range of functions, including the Voice Over feature, which assists those users who are suffering from visual issues to navigate around the display. You can also reverse the color of the iPad’s display using this process.  However, in order to enjoy these amazing features, you have to activate the triple click option in the accessibility menu in general settings.


  1. Increase the Battery Life by Disabling Unnecessary Features and Apps

Despite being equipped with an outstanding battery which provides a decent back-up time, there are so many users who are quite unhappy with its performance, complaining that the battery is being drained out much sooner than they expect. In order to increase the battery life, you should stop those features and applications that you do not need to use. If you don’t use Wi-Fi, then turn it off. You can also activate the Airplane mode if you do not require connectivity. Again, you can prevent “Background Activity” apps, including Google Hangouts, to preserve battery life significantly. To do this, you have to navigate to Settings>General>Background App Refresh. Disable the “Background App Refresh.” You will surely see a major improvement in the battery performance!