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10 Things You Do Not Know about Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the most personal device that the tech giant has ever built. Being equipped with amazing features, including heart rate monitoring system, the Apple Watch is considered as a revolutionary device in the world of smart-watches.

The pre-order of Apple Watch has already begun on April 10, while its first batch will arrive to the consumers on April 24.

Before going to the Apple Store to get your highly anticipated smart-watch, find some of the things that you haven’t known about the Apple Watch before:


  1. Touch Screen Gestures being Inactive

Despite you can use several gestures to control different functions, including swiping to the left to close any tab in Safari and swiping to the right to mark an email as read or unread, in the iPhone and the iPad, do not try to use the same gestures in Apple Watch, as it will not work. Apple has revealed the reason behind touchscreen gestures being inactive, stating that the small display of the Apple Watch is not suitable for the particular features. For example, the screen is too small for pinching to zoom. This issue will definitely affect those users who are addicted to using touch screen gestures in their iPhones and iPad.


  1. The Inclusion of Solar Face

One of the most amazing features of the Apple Watch is representing the time with respect to the position of the sun in your area. It can be done by setting the watch face as “Solar Face.” It has a curve, in which the sun changes its position with respect to the change of time. During daylight hours, the sun occupies the top positions with respect to the horizontal line. During night, it is positioned below the horizontal line. The height and length of the curve are being changed in terms of different locations. It is indeed a very impressive feature.


  1. Not being Water Proof, but Water Resistant

One of the many things about which people are not aware of Apple Watch is not being waterproof but water resistant. More specifically, the components of Apple Watch are sealed in such a way that prevents them to be in contact with water. However, they are not water proof. That means, even though you can wear Apple Watch in light rain, you should never wear it during heavy shower, swimming and bathing.


  1. Skin Touch Activating the Authentication of Security

An interesting feature of the Apple Watch is the activation of the authentication of security while being touched by the skin of the user. For example, you have inserted a code in Apple Watch that allows it to authenticate the Apple Pay. The authentication will remain active as long as there is a contact between the Apple Watch and the user skin. If the sensor detects that there is no contact, the authentication will be broken. You will have to use a new code if you want to set up the authentication again.


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  1. Capability of Adjusting Daily Fitness Goal by Analyzing Your Movements

Apple Watch is able to adjust the daily fitness goal with respect to your movements. Every week,  the device analyzes your recent movement history and creates a suggestion for daily movement, which helps the users to burn the right amount of calories. For instance, your daily goal is to make 12,000 steps every day, but you have been able to do only 7,000 steps. In this case, the Apple Watch will reduce the number of steps automatically, and start motivating you so that you can continue working hard to achieve your daily goal.


  1. Ability to Find Your Lost iPhone

Do you lose your iPhone very often? Don’t worry. The Apple Watch is able to use “Find my iPhone” feature. That means, if your iPhone is lost, you can find it by pinging with the help of Apple Watch. The smart-watch will be very beneficiary for those users who always fear to lose their beloved iPhones, as it is always strapped to the wrist.


  1. Third Party Apps Loading Forever!

Despite most of the reviewers agree that Apple Watch is a revolutionary device, they have found a very frustrating issue. They mention that the third party apps are taking too much loading time on the device. In fact, it seems that they will continue to load forever! The reason behind this issue is associated with the iPhone’s cross loading extension on the Apple Watch whenever an app is being downloaded. That means that you smartwatch is not streaming data directly from the web, but from the phone. This type of remote phone apps often tends to load very slowly.


  1. Capable of Performing Several Functions without being Connected with the iPhone

We all know that Apple Watch needs to be connected with the iPhone in order to perform major functions, including receiving and sending calls and messages. But what we don’t know is Apple Watch’s ability to perform several basic functions, including playing loaded music, showing photos and tracking user’s fitness, without being connected with the iPhone. More importantly, you can use Siri as well as receive emails and iMessages on Apple Watch even if the iPhone is switched off, provided that your smart-watch is connected with a previously used Wi-Fi hotspot.


  1. Incapable of Replying to Emails

Despite being equipped with so many outstanding features, the Apple Watch do not support one of the most basic functions of today’s technological devices, which is replying to emails. Though you can see your iPhone’s received emails on Apple Watch, you are not enabled to reply them with it. Most of the people might be using the iPhone to handle the emails, but the exclusion of the particular feature sounds really strange for an outstanding device like the Apple Watch.


  1. Ability to Perform as a Remote for Apple TV and iTunes

An interesting feature of Apple Watch is the ability to work as a remote for Apple TV and iTunes. With the help of the Remote app, the Apple Watch can be connected to any Apple TV and iTunes library. From now on, you do not need to search for the remote controller to change the TV channel and iTunes content. You just need to tap a few times on your Apple Watch! However, you cannot turn off your Apple TV with the smart-watch. To do this, you will need its original remote controller.

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