A free and open-source way to banish ads

After the newest iOS version (9.0) was released, ad-blocking apps took over the App Store’s charts by storm since many users wanted to banish ads from Safari. However, while many users were happy to be able to block annoying ads, web developers and publishers pointed out how this hurts their business. As a response, one of the bestselling apps was pulled from the Store, while other developers said they will be taking money to whitelist some sites.

If you are looking for a free and reliable alternative to premium ad-blockers, take a look at Adblock Fast. This application is very interesting since it is completely free of charge and even open source. The app’s developer, 10x Studio, made the following statement:

“Adblock Fast doesn’t, nor do we intend for Adblock Fast to ever, make any money. We operate an app studio that’s bootstrapped and quite profitable.

Yesterday, you probably didn’t know we existed. Today, you do and, someday, perhaps you’ll be creating the next killer app and will consider hiring us. (Hmm, maybe doing good work and shipping good products ought to replace advertising!) Unlike other ad blockers, we don’t have to sell out to support our project.”

By making the app open source, the developer made sure to promise that there are no ways to implement any in purchase options or ads in the future. In case this happens, someone else can use the code and easily publish the original Adblock Fast version.

AdBlock Flast Demo

Here at JustGoodBites, we have been using this ad-blocker for a few days now, and the apps seem like a solid alternative to premium solutions. Note that you’ll need an iOS 9 device running a 64-bit chip. That is the iPhone 5S and later, and iPad Air/iPad mini and newer models. Get ready to banish ads in your Safari!