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Apple has ordered 2.5 million iPad Pro units from suppliers

According to a recent report, Apple has ordered 2.5 million units of their largest iOS tablet, ahead of the launch of the iPad Pro.

In comparison to other iOS devices, it seems that the company is being cautious since this is a completely new product category, and we are yet to see how popular is it going to be. In other words, Apple doesn’t want to order more tablets that it may be able to sell at launch.

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The 2.5 million devices should cover between the launch of the iPad Pro and the end of the year, but the company can increase production to meet demand in the future. However, what this means is that if it does end up bring popularly, you should expect for it to be in short supply throughout this year.

As a reminder, the iPad Pro features 12.9-inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels, doubling the CPU and the graphics performance of iPad Air 2. It is powered by A9X chip, the company’s third-generation chip with 64-bit architecture. However, the market for this tablet could be limited due to its higher price than other iOS devices, since the iPad Pro starts at $799.

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