Apple Has Shipped 7 Million Apple Watch Units According to

According to a report by research firm Canalys, Apple has shipped close to 7 million Apple Watch units since its official launch in April.

Interestingly enough, Apple has yet to tell how many Apple Watch units have been sold. The company usually announced this kind of information after every product launch, which caused some well-known digital publications to speculate about the future of the company’s smartwatch. Even after Apple’s Q4 2015 earnings results, this piece of information is still unknown.

All eyes will be on Apple Watch sales during the Q4 holiday quarter as a barometer of the strength of the nascent smart watch market. ‘After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into Q4,’ said Analyst Daniel Matte. ‘Shipments are steadily increasing as it has greatly expanded the Watch’s channel footprint internationally.’ VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones added, ‘watchOS 2 has brought native apps to the platform, and new colours and styles have refreshed the lineup, but Apple needs to continue to generate demand six months after launch.

Even though the information from Canalyis has already gone viral, there is no way for us to know how many Apple Watch models were sold. However, it this number turns out to be correct, then this would be a very impressive sales figure.