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Apple News Expands to All Interested Publishers

As of January, Apple News has partnered with 100 major publishers in an effort provide relevant and attractive content. However, the company is now planning on opening up this digital publishing platform and include anyone willing to commit their time to preparing their content.

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Now Apple wants anyone who’s publishing original online content to join Apple News. Even bloggers will be able to join and make their own stylized pages with customized fonts and embedded visuals. Just like with the iOS App Store, users will be able to format their pages in an app called News Publisher, which will produce pages viewable on any iOS device. In addition, this goes hand in hand with monetization techniques. Publishers will earn 100% of the revenue from ads their sell, and 70% when iAds sells ads for them.

The company is also announcing a new analytics dashboard so that publishers can get a clearer picture of who is reading their content. Back in October, Apple said that nearly 40 million people have used Apple News, which is an astonishing number. This also means that the publishers will access a more serious level of analytics, which is crucial for media companies.

The new Apple News format should be available soon to anyone who is interested, so keep an eye on the News Publisher portal for the official confirmation.

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