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Guide: Best Free Web Browser Games

Every one of us needs some time for relaxing, and many of us turn to our Macs and iOS devices for some fun. This could be web browsing, or watching funny YouTube videos, or playing addictive and relaxing games. In fact, the gaming section of the iOS App Store is the most vibrant and active section, with new titles being released on a daily basis.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find and play an interesting game. For example, there are many free web browser games that you can play in Safari or other browsers, on your Mac.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the most addictive free web browser games that you can find at the moment. No matter what kind of a gaming genre you like the most, you will most certainly find a title that you will find interesting. So, let’s jump right in.


Best Free Web Browser Games


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Contre Jour


This is a very popular title in the iOS App Store, where its web version came after the mobile version.

The aim is to guide a little blob with stumpy legs across beautifully designed levels, up to a glowing blue ball. This would mean wrapping around different obstacles, where you need to use sticky tentacles to nudge, roll, and fling the funny character up in the air.

The game isn’t as difficult nor nerve-wracking, so I recommend playing Contre Jour if you’re looking for a fun way to relax. The monochrome visuals are looking beautiful, while the piano soundtrack is very soothing.

Click here to play Contre Jour.


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Wonderputt is a mini-golf game with charming and cute visuals. It requires you to line up your shots and send the ball into a hole on a cartoonish floating island. New holes are revealed as you play, so you will get to play in different parts of the island. Each new part brings something new to the table.

This is yet another title that first appeared as a mobile version, before becoming available on the Web.

Thanks to its nicely designed visuals and the right balance of difficulty, it is no wonder why Wonderputt has found its place on our list on the best free web browser games.

Click here to play Wonderputt.


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Cut the Rope


I know there are many of you who got addicted to this game at some point. Each new iteration of Cut the Rope has managed to achieve big success, so it’s clear that there’s something great about this title.

Despite being released back in 2010, Cut the Rope is still charming and engaging. Greedy green blob On Nom is now available as a free web browser game, and I think it looks even better on a larger screen.

Click here to play Cut the Rope.


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Red Soldiers


This title brings a team of soldiers that you need to guide in order to battle against the computer or other people online. You will need to come up with the best possible team for the task, where each soldier comes with a special ability to take down the enemy. As expected, you will unlock new kinds of soldiers, new weapons and other goodies as you progress through the game.

What needs to be mentioned is that Red Soldiers brings astonishing graphics, but it also runs really well.

This is a Chrome packaged app. This means that you can’t play it through a website, but rather download it and run it within the Chrome browser. What is great about this is that you can play it offline as well.

Click here to play Red Soldiers.


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Last Horizon


Last Horizon is one of those titles that seem very easy and simple at first, but they are very hard to master.

The online version of this title is a cut-down take on the iOS and Android app about the last survivor on our planet. You need to guide him through space, as well as to manage to land his rocket on different planets. This is how you get much-needed oxygen and fuel.

As expected, it will take some time until you master how to land the rocket, as well as to guide the rocket through the space full of dangers – everything from black holes up to angry aliens.

Click here to play Last Horizon.


Best free web browser games scr3 is one of the popular free games at the moment, and you can find it on the iOS App Store. However, there’s a free online version as well.

In, you find yourself in an arena as a small worm that needs to eat little dots that make you grow. However, as you will soon find out – you are not alone. Your worm needs to maneuver around other worms and make smart moves to make your opponents crash into you.

Click here to play


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Gridland is one of those games that trick you at first. You will think that this is yet another match-three puzzle game, but instead, this is a very clever and sophisticated game of another genre.

Upon the initial launch, you will see a grid with all kinds of symbols. You will have to collect all kinds of resources during the day, and then fend off evil during the night. You have to match different items in order to successfully use them and trust me when I say that you’ll spend a lot of time on building and protect your little kingdom.

Click here to play Gridland.


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Tanki Online


Tanki Online is a 3D tank-shooter where you battle other players in all kinds of arenas.

What you will notice at first are the visuals, which are beautifully designed for an online game. In addition, the performance is flawless and fast loading times with take you to the game in no time.

Tanki Online claims that over 26 million players are enjoying this game, and I can see why this game has so many fans. This is one of the most addictive free web browser games.

Click here to play Tanki Online.


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