Friday, December 2, 2022
Hometech-newsClaim Your 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage Today!

Claim Your 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage Today!

In case you use Google Drive to store your documents in the cloud and keep them in sync across different devices, we have a great news for you! Today only, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive, which will be permanently attached to your account.

Google is offering free Drive storage space to those who go through a brief account security checkup. This checkup will take one or two minutes of your time, where you will need to review things like your two-step verification settings, account recovery info, and review which apps have access to your Google account.

This is actually something that you should do every couple of months, in order to keep your Google account safe.

Google Drive scr1

Interestingly enough, the company ran a similar promotion last year. In case you received those 2GB last year, you are still eligible for this year’s promotion. While most promotions expire after a year, you are not going to lose your Google Drive storage with this promotion.

This free offer coincides with Safer Internet Day 2016, which is a way to promote safe and secure usage of technology and smartphones.

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