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Review: Disney Crossy Road

Crossy Road came out a year and a half ago but still manages to find its place on the App Store charts. This is mostly because this game brought an excellent example of a high-score chaser on a mobile platform. On top of that, constant updates and gameplay tweaks followed, making the game very hard to put down. With the newest iteration, called Disney Crossy Road, I am sure you will once again become addicted to this magnificent iOS game.

What set Crossy Road apart was its voxel-style visuals that seem very close to pixelated graphics, which seems to be one of the most active trends. In addition, friendly freemium model and a huge range of characters that are waiting to be unlocked added to the game’s overall value. This also kept the game fresh, since new characters brought enhanced mechanics, so there was always something new to discover.


Disney Crossy Road


The latest effort to continue keeping your attention is the game’s biggest yet. Disney Crossy Road brings a new layer of gameplay and visuals on top of the amazing gameplay formula. However, Disney and Hipster Whale knew better than to simply combine these two worlds.

Disney Crossy Road scr1

The new game feels very fresh with over a hundred well-known Disney characters at launch, and Disney-inspired levels that change the mechanics. Continue reading to learn more about this highly addictive game.




In terms of visuals, the game is still voxel-y with black outlines around everything, at least in the beginning.

You will get to see a number of Disney and Pixar characters that look quite charming. For example, there’s the Lion King and Toy Story, as well as some of the newer “classics” like Inside Out and Zootopia. Interestingly enough, Big Hero 6 also makes an appearance even though this is a Marvel franchise. This kind of selection has something for everyone, so I am sure there is something that you can strive for if you like classic Disney cartoons, or if you’re a bigger fan of newer cartoons.

Disney Crossy Road scr2

You start the game with Mickey Mouse, in a world that feels very familiar. The only difference here are black outlines, but other than that you’ll see classic animations. However, after you find the first bag of coins and try the character machine, you will see that everything changes.

Even though this kind of entry into the new version of Crossy Road might feel overly familiar, I think it was a wise decision not to reveal everything about this game right from the start. After trying your luck as Mickey Mouse, you will discover nine different worlds, built around the classic Crossy Road theme.

Disney Crossy Road scr3

What you will also notice is that this iteration is more elaborate in terms of visuals. The original Crossy Road wasn’t as busy, making sure you know where things are spatially at all times. With this version, this might not be the case with every single level since some of them are quite hard to figure out. The Haunted Mansion level, even though its looks beautiful, is making it very hard to figure out different design elements due to their translucent nature.




As you progress through the game, you will see that differently themed levels brings different visuals, soundtracks, and mechanics. For example, the Wreck-It Ralph level comes with candles that you can pick up for multipliers, allowing you to easily beat your high score. The Big Hero 6 level comes with jump pads to skip ahead and easily avoid dangerous obstacles. In Tangled, crates will be falling all over the place, so you will have to adjust your strategy. This certainly increases the replay value, making me sure you will spend many hours playing Disney Crossy Road.

Disney Crossy Road scr4

There are two levels that I enjoyed the most, and those were Haunted Mansion and Inside Out. The latter has you running and collecting memories to need to be sent to the base in order to collect bonus points. The Haunted Mansion really feels haunted thanks to a spooky voiceover and an addition in form of candles that need to be kept alight.




You will be also happy to hear that monetization method remained the same as before. You still earn coins for spins at the character machine, or you can just buy them. The characters will cost you $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99, depending on their rarity.

However, you can still play the game without spending any real money if you’re persistent enough. This kind of monetization is a rarity on the iOS App Store, and I would like to praise Hipster Whale for avoiding annoying paywalls. In Disney Crossy Road, you can also collect duplicate characters and store them for later. Once you collect a number of those, you can get spins for higher-rarity characters.




I highly recommend downloading Disney Crossy Road even if you’re tired of the original game. There is so much fun in every single level with numerous references to Disney’s and Pixar’s movies. I have been playing this game for the past week, and I am still very far from getting bored. That is how good Disney Crossy Road is.

Disney Crossy Road scr5

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