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Get a look inside of iPhone 6S

iFixit is known for their teardowns of iOS devices, and many are interested in knowing what their iPhones and iPads hide on the inside. In case you’ve been waiting for the newest iPhone to be taken apart, you’re in luck.

According to the website, the iPhone 6S comes with only a few visual differences worth noting. These are the Taptic engine, a smaller battery, and the 3D Touch display.

The new Taptic engine takes a large amount of space below the battery, and is one of the reasons why the iPhone 6S comes with a 1715mAh battery. The previous model brought a 1810mAh battery. However, you likely won’t notice this since the newest iOS version brought optimization in terms of making your iPhone’s battery last one additional hour than before.

iPhone 6S Teardown scr1

The 3D Touch display weighs 60 grams, making it 15 grams heavier than the iPhone 6’s display. This is due to the additional capacitive sensors that are installed into the display backlight. Other than that, iFixit notes the new display is pretty similar to the previous model.

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