Google Calendar Now Carves Out Time for Your Goals

If you are having a hard time to find free slots in your calendar for a useful stress reliever, Google Calendar has found a way to help you become better organized.

The new Goals feature of the Google Calendar app is designed to help you find the time needed for exercising or learning new skills. It analyses your calendar entries and suggests an appropriate time for you to dedicate your time to something other than everyday work schedule.

Take a look at the following YouTube video to see how this feature works.

What is interesting about Google’s Goals is that it tries to learn your schedule and behavior in order to suggest the most appropriate time. We have seen this in the Google Now app, which anticipates your needs through machine learning. In a broader picture, it’s very interesting to notice numerous popular services that are already learning your habits. This way you get a highly personalized service.

We have already written about the Google Calendar app, and you can find our review by following this link. This is one of the most useful iOS calendar apps, which is far ahead Apple’s stock Calendar.

With the new Goals feature, it is certain that Google is doing its best to keep you in its ecosystem.