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How to Fix Wi-Fi issues on your iPad

While the latest upgrade to iOS 8 brings tons of dazzling features, vibrant design and amazing tools to numerous Apple mobile devices, some users are facing some new quirks and ugly bugs after equipping their device with the updated software. One popular problem amongst Apple users is when an iPad Air would not connect to Wi-Fi or when it drops the connection frequently without any warning or explanation. The worst of the issues appear to be confined to the earlier editions of the update, but some devices with the newest updates might also experience an occasional glitch. Whatever the version of the iOS update, iPad Air Wi-Fi problems can be pretty much annoying. If you are experiencing such pesky problems with your iPad, then, thankfully, there are some solutions that you might want to try. JustGoodBites shows how to fix Wi-Fi issues. 


Check for Updates

Apple has released several software updates after the iOS 8 update which redeem and rectify the issues with previous versions. Make sure your device is updated with the latest version of iOS 8.1. This might be the solution to the Wi-Fi dilemma. Moreover, a newer version will also resolve the issue with the device needing to be on a faster network to maintain a stable connection.


Network Settings Reset

Sometimes, if you are lucky, a simple basic reset of the network settings will put an end to all your iPad Air Wi-Fi woes. The reason why this process works is because it wipes away many of the settings that are at the root of the issue. To perform Network Settings Reset, first switch your iPad onto Airplane mode. Then, head to Settings>General>Reset. Finally, turn Airplane mode off and set your connection up again. That’s it, you are now free from all iPad Air Wi-Fi nuisance.


Turn Off Location Services Wi-Fi Networking

Another solution that has helped several iPad users to resolve their Wi-Fi issues is: to turn off Wi-Fi networking specifically for location services. That is because in many cases a geo location service is the noxious devil when an iPad Air cannot connect to Wi-Fi. To try this solutions, head to Settings, Privacy and Location Services. Once there, you will find an icon by the title of System Services. That is where the user can turn off/ disable Wi-Fi Networking that only applies to geo location services.


Check router Settings

Sometimes, connectivity issues are caused by the DNS servers operated by the ISP. Examine your router settings and check that the firmware is up to date by referring to your router manufacturer or ISP. You might be able to switch bands on your router or tweak other settings that might make a difference. Switching from automatic channel bandwidth to a specific setting can sometimes enhance the speed.


Complete Restore

If none of the above method works on your Apple iPad Air, then your last resort is to perform a full restore of the device. Beware that this will wipe away all your important data, files and folders. So, you’d better backup the important stuff before you take this action. If even this fails to work on your device, then we recommend you to visit the Apple Store for exchange or replacement.

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