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iPad 2 Owners Having Trouble Activating the Third iOS 9 Update

Apple has released the third major iOS 9 update, which should be already visible and available on your iOS devices. However, a group of users surfaced, who are facing severe issues while updating to iOS 9.3 on their older iPads.

iOS Update scr1

An unknown number of users are affected, mostly those who own second-generation models. According to posts on Apple’s Support Communities, this issue appears during the activation stage after receiving and installing the iOS 9 update. Even though we’ve seen this before, and it’s known that activation can be sometimes problematic due to congested servers on Apple’s end, this doesn’t seem to be the problem at the moment.

In case your iPad is affected, it is recommended to install iOS 9.3 using iTunes on a Mac/PC using a standard USB connection. This won’t be the solution in every case, but a number of users reported solving the issue by using iTunes to update. Another method that proved effective is doing a full restore.

Apple has not issued a statement regarding the matter. In case you’re experiencing issues, head over to Apple’s Support Community Forum.

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