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iPad Pro could be released on November 11th

Even though some rumours were saying that the iPad Pro will go on sale in the first week of November, several credible websites are now saying that the Apple’s largest iOS tablet will be launched on the 11th of November.

You will be able to purchase the iPad Pro online as well as in Apple’s retail stores from Wednesday, the 11th of November. However, we are still waiting on Apple to confirm this.

iPad Pro Release Date 1

As a reminder, the iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, and it also brings 4GB of RAM and features the Apple’s A9X processor. You can choose from two storage options, 32GB or 128GB, and there are also Wi-Fi and cellular models. Note that the cellular model is only available with 128GB of storage.

We recently wrote about the company’s decision to order 2.5 million iPad Pro units from suppliers, which seems reasonable since the iPad Pro opens up a new product category for Apple. What this also means is that if the tablet turns out to be in high demand, you should expect it to be in short supply throughout this year.

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