iPhone 7 to feature larger internal storage and bigger battery?

A new report surfaced on a Chinese media site MyDrivers has started a new round of rumors about the iPhone 7, Apple’s upcoming generation of its smartphone model. Two of the most interesting information about the upcoming smartphone generation are saying the iPhone 7 should come with changes inside and out, a new 256GB storage, and will come with a larger internal battery.

iPhone 7 Article

Interestingly enough, the batteries actually got smaller with the latest iPhone generation, featuring 2750mAh and 2915mAh. The report says we’ll see the battery of 3100mAh, which could not be even noticeable. Even though more mAh does not necessarily translate to improved battery life since the power draw of hardware components also needs to be taken into account.

On the other hand, raising the top end storage could mean that Apple might be changing this iPhone aspect across the board. This is the number one complaint in the community since the base 16GB storage is simply too small to be usable. This is perhaps the most noticeable while taking HD and 4K video, which are usually producing high size files. Owners of the base model are often forced to delete content and constantly manage storage.

The new flagship iPhone is expected in the fall, so it is expected for the rumor mill will be trending even more as we approach this year’s September Event.