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Looking for a custom keyboard? We have the list!

In case you weren’t aware, you can now download and install third-party keyboards on your iOS device. Even though the system keyboard, the one that comes with iOS, is one of the most functional as well as one of the best designed, there are some interesting custom keyboards that you should try.

Some of these keyboards are fun to use, and they can bring a nice way to express your thoughts and emotions, but you can also find some extremely useful ones. We are bringing you a few suggestions, where most of these are free of charge, while a couple has in-app purchases available.

Before we proceed to the list, you should know that as with any installed third-party keyboard, you must first install them from the App Store and then allow full access to the operating system. Anyway, you will see this simple process explained in every app’s description.


Custom Keyboard: Fleksy Keyboard


Fleksy is one of the best-known third-party keyboards, which originally appeared on another platform. The best things about this keyboard is its customization level. You can easily change your typeface to something quirky, and then add some GIFs and stickers to spruce up your texts and e-mails. A new version was recently published with a custom theme builder, so you can switch between different keyboard themes as well.

Another great thing about Fleksy is the ability to customise your keyboard with extensions. For now, you can find extensions that add GIF’s, hotkeys, cursor control, one-handed typing, and similar. These can really help make your texts pop out, and this is something the original iOS keyboard still doesn’t offer.

Keyboard scr3

GIF Keyboard


As I am sure you are aware by now, GIFs are currently very popular. I am sure your favourite website uses GIFs to spruce up their content, and now you can easily create your own GIF library and sent items with just one tap. Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard is perfect for this.

This custom keyboard brings a selection of GIF collections, already tagged and ready for use. Now you can easily place GIFs in your texts and emails, and post them on social networks.

The bottom-positioned icons indicate different collections, and you can also create your own collection of your favourites. There is a collection of hashtag emoticons, as well as those that are grouped by holidays, music, and such. There is even a search box, which can be handy is you plan on saving GIFs you find online.


Slash Keyboard


Slash is a very interesting keyboard that lets you easily share links and other information without switching apps. This keyboard is integrated with 15 apps for far, and you can expect more in the future. Some of the apps that are already supported are Google Search and Maps, YouTube, Foursquare, Contacts, Spotify, and more.

While using this keyboard, you need to tap the forward slash (/), where you will see a list of supported apps. This way you can interact with the selected app, and send information to someone. You can use this keyboard with all kinds of messengers and social networks, like the Messages app, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Kik.

Keyboard 7

Emoji Keyboard by LINE


If you’ve been following the Apple-related news, you’ve probably heard about the newest iOS 9 update which brought hundreds of new emoji. These are very popular at the moment, so Apple decided to support this trend and surprise iOS users with plenty of interesting new emoji. However, sometimes you just need something more.

If you’re craving new or animated emoji, you can download Emoji Keyboard from the iOS App Store. This keyboard brings over 3,000 new and unique animated stickers and emoji to your default iOS keyboard. You can download it free of charge, and the app doesn’t have any in-app purchase options.

Keyboard scr2



In case you don’t need extra emoji and GIFs, but you still want to customise how your keyboard looks, there’s Photokeys. This app is designed to help you create custom keyboard colour themes derived from your photos.

You will need to shoot a new photo or use one from your Camera Roll. The app will automatically select the major colours in your image and present you with a five-color palette. You can also select other colours as a wall, manually. There is a little smiley face button that lets you set the palette mood to Bright, Indifferent, or Dark.

There are five areas you can customise in terms of colour: Background, text button background, text button color, functional button background, and functional button text colour.

Photokeys is priced at $2.99, and you’ll need to pay for it before downloading it. In case you want to color your keyboard, this is the app you should download.

Keyboard scr 5

Memoji Keyboard


We all know about emoji and how fun it is to use them. However, now you can create your own “memoji”. What this means is that you can create your own photos that will replace certain emoji characters.

Memoji Keyboard uses your camera and Camera Roll to import your selfies, or you can use videos as well. You will see an icon for a smiley face, to take one example, and then you can create a selfie by trying to create an image of yourself recreating the smiley face.

The first three emoji are free, and you can swap them endlessly, but you’ll need to pay $1 to unlock the rest of emojis. The price seems like a good deal if you’re into creating your personalized emoji characters.

Keyboard scr 6



If you use Instagram on a daily basis, you are going to love KeyFeed. This is a free custom keyboard that lets you share and “like” Instagram photos while using any iOS app. Tap once to share an image link or twice to like it. You will need to connect your Instagram account with this app, and then you can scroll through the latest pictures in your feed. The app is very easy for use, and I would recommend it any Instagram fan since it eases up sharing of your images.

Keyboard scr1

There are hundreds of highly useful custom keyboard for the iPhone and iPad, and we decided to share with you only a couple of our favorites. In case you have a favorite that’s not listed here, leave us a comment and we will make sure to share it with the rest of our readers.


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