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Microsoft releases an overhauled Bing app for iOS

Microsoft has once again shown its commitment to developing and enhancing services by publishing a brand new Bing app version for iOS devices. The new app now focuses on helping you discover and find things without having to type anything at all.

Here are some of the highlights:

– You can now see a new view mode that lets you highlight businesses and locations close to you;
– Restaurants now show ratings, menus, and deals, in addition to letting you order delivery or set up reservations;
– Movies are now deep-linked with applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and you can sort them by genre;
– Music allows you to listen to songs and watch videos, as well as to follow along with lyrics;
– When searching for books, so you can now choose from a range of e-book sources.

Bing scr1

Another interesting addition is a News section, which can be opened by sliding up from the bottom, where you can see trending articles. This update also brought a heavy emphasis on deep-linking, so when you tap on a Netflix-supported link within the app, you will be redirected to the Netflix app, straight into playback for the chosen video.

The newest version of Bing of iOS doesn’t have any partnerships when it comes to deep-linking, which means that it will choose the most relevant app for a given piece of content, and even redirect you to the App Store in you don’t have the app installed.

You can download Bing for iOS from the App Store to access these new features, or simply update it via the Update section in case you’re already using the app.

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