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New iPad mini brings smaller battery and 2GB RAM

At its September event, Apple announced an updated iPad mini 4 without getting into deeper due to exposure to other products. Today, iFixit completed a teardown for the device, revealing a couple of interesting details.

iFixit’s teardown confirmed that the iOS tablet comes with 2GB of RAM, but is powered by 1.5Ghz Apple A8 processor. This makes the device faster than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which run on 1.4Ghz A7.

iPad mini 4 Teardown 1

In addition, the device comes with a smaller, thinner single-cell battery. The iPad mini 4’s battery is 5,124mAh while the previous model came with 6,471mAh battery. However, Apple claims the new iPad mini retains the same battery life as the previous model.

It is also interesting to note that the FaceTime camera has slimmed down and the LCD and front panel glass are now fused together.

iPad mini 4 Teardown 2

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