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Now You Can Trade-In your Damaged iPhone at Apple Stores

Apple has decided to switch to a new retail initiative centered on the iPhone by expanding the current trade-in program. Soon you will be able to trade-in iPhones with damaged screens, cameras, and buttons.

According to current rules of the Apple’s Store Reuse and Recycle iPhone trade-in program, you can trade-in your older iPhone model and receive a credit toward purchasing a newer model. However, this doesn’t apply toward older iPhones with cracked screens, broken cameras, and buttons.

On the other hand, starting this week, the updated rules of the program allow customers to receive credit for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus units with damaged screens, cameras, and buttons. The goal of this program is to persuade iPhone users to upgrade to the newest generation instead of fixing their smartphones.

In all fairness, purchasing a new iPhone is something a better option due to combined subsidies and financing plans, along with the credit given for the traded-in device.

Sources say that the current trade-in values for this program are: $50 for an iPhone 5s, $200 for an iPhone 6, and $250 for an iPhone 6s Plus.

On a side note, all Apple Stores will start offering plastic screen protector installations. Apple has made a deal with Belkin, a well-known manufacturer of screen films, to bring dedicated screen protector installation machines to the back of stores. In the following video, you can see a demonstration of a Belkin screen protector machine.

In case something goes wrong during this process, you should be offered a free screen protector replacement.

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