Oracle vs. Google lawsuit: Apple received $1B to keep Google

The Oracle vs. Google lawsuit revealed for the first time that Google paid Apple approximately $1 billion in 2014 in order to be the main search provider on iOS devices.

Interestingly enough, Apple made the deal with Google to receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the search engine. An Oracle lawyer said that the revenue share was 34%, but it is not exactly known who gets that 34 %.

Oracle vs. Google lawsuit Featured

A Google lawyer tried to get the percentage struck of the public record by stating: “We are talking hypotheticals here. That’s not a publicly known number.”

This information is also conflicting with Apple’s statements against Google and its ad system. However, it seems like Apple is more than willing to pay this search engine giant to keep its name in the search bar by default.

The magistrate judge initially refused Google’s request to erase the sensitive information from the transcript. This company also asked a federal judge to seal and redact the transcript, by explaining that this would negatively impact their ability to negotiate similar agreements. In addition, Apple also filed to redact the statement.

The Oracle vs. Google lawsuit is based on Oracle’s statement that Google is using its Java software in Android, without compensation. The Supreme Court denied Google’s request to hear the case and is now back to a district court where damages are being determined.

The Oracle vs. Google lawsuit could end up in Google having to pay up to $1 billion in damages when new versions of Android are publicly released.