Pete Souza shares images he took using his iPhone

Apple has been heavily promoting the camera abilities of the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus during the past two years. Now, the Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza, has shared a collection of images he took using his iPhone.

As Pete Souza explained, these photographs were taken throughout the year around The White House. Over the course of the year, the photographer shared numerous images on his Instagram account but never disclosed which were taken with a DSLR and which were taken with this iPhone.

By scrolling through Souza’s Instagram, you can see that there isn’t a huge change in quality between any of his images, show how truly great the iPhone camera is.

My approach to my Instagram feed continues to be all square photos are taken with an iPhone, and full-frame horizontals and verticals are taken with a DSLR (usually a Canon 5DMark3, but I’ve also posted some from Sony, Nikon and Leica cameras).

As we have uploaded some images below, you can see some of the most interesting photos from the Souza’s account. There are also some images that he processed using the popular Hipstamatic iOS app.

Pete Souza 1

Pete Souza 2

Pete Souza scr3

Pete Souza scr4