More Powerful Virtual Reality Headsets Are On the Way

Several companies are planning to unveil virtual reality headsets during 2016, which should provide more immersive experiences than what Google Cardboard can offer.

Analysts are pointing out to a product called IonVR, which is a virtual reality headset and which should be ready for the market in the fall of 2016. This headset is expected to be more advanced than current iPhone-based VR accessories.

Virtual Reality Headset scr1

The Idaho-based IonVR comes with its own optics system called “MotionSync”, which is designed to greatly reduce motion sickness when used with devices like Apple’s iPhone. Interestingly enough, integrated hardware will help the headset to offload some processing from the phone, providing a much greater sense of depth and reality. In addition, this virtual reality headset is modular, which means that some parts can be replaced and swapped out as technology advances.

This product is already up for preorder and it’s priced at $229. However, the analysts predict that we’ll see a headset similar to this one priced between $100 and $200 launching this fall.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already shown interest in virtual reality by commenting that VR is not a nice and has some interesting applications. Even though some rumors are circulating that Apple might be developing a VR product, we can’t say for sure if the company is interested enough to dedicate time and manpower to building such product.