Review: Adonit’s Jot Dash

During the last couple of years I have tested a number of iPad-compatible styluses, and I can’t even remember how many of those where made by Adonit. This is one of the best known companies when it comes to styluses, and it was very interesting to see how Adonit evolved their products over the years as well as how far iPad-compatible styluses have come. In general, you can choose from more affordable models that are priced from $30 to $50, and these are traditional styluses that work with the iPad Air 2, which requires an electronic impulse, up to some high-end models that are priced at around $100 and that offer electronic components and additional shortcut buttons.

In this article, you will be able to learn more about the newest Adonit’s stylus, called Jot Dash ($50). What is interesting to mention is that the next generation Jot comes only six months after the release of Jot Script 2, one of the most usable styluses that we reviewed. Since I was more than happy with the previous generation, I felt very excited once I received Jot Dash, since I wondered what kind of improvements were hidden in its elegant body. Continue reading to learn more.

Jot Dash scr1

In comparison to the previous generation, Jot Dash costs $25 less, feels very thin and elegant, and drops Bluetooth 4.0 and other features connected to this wireless technology. However, the 1.9mm fine writing tip is still here, which is one of the biggest advantages that Adonit currently offers.

When it comes to design, Jot Dash is incredibly thin, light, and elegant. If you are currently using Jot Script 2 or an earlier model, you will immediately feel the difference. Needless to say, the stylus feels great in hand and it actually feels like you’re writing in a notebook. According to Rafael Gomez, who is Adonit’s marketing manager, you do not have to be tech-savvy in the least to use Jot Dash. I actually understand this message, since the new shape of Jot Dash is very similar to any quality made pen, so there is practically no learning cure to it. You just pick up the stylus and start writing, very intuitively. Adonit has even slimmed down Dash’s recharging dock, where you need to insert a USB dongle into your computer, and place the stylus into the magnetic charging circle.

Jot Dash scr4

In order to use Jot Dash, you need to press the black bottom, which will trigger a tiny green power light. This activates the up-to-14h rechargeable battery. The 1.9mm plastic tip is conducting the mild electric charge, necessary for your iPad to register the input. When it comes to the performance, I did not experience any issues. The experience is pretty much the same as with other electronic styluses, expect that Jot Dash feels much better in hand thanks to its shape and size. The tip moves just a bit, letting you hear a click when it’s pressed against the iPad’s screen. Since there is no Bluetooth connectivity included, you shouldn’t expect features like a pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, or erase/brush/undo buttons. On the other hand, you can use this stylus with any writing or drawing app, which is not the case with Bluetooth-equipped styluses. Thanks to its finer tip, Jot Dash is perfect for more precise sketching and writing. The Adonit team recommends apps like Penultimate and Noteability for note taking, as well as Procreate and Astropad for more artistic endeavors. All four of these apps are one of the best in their categories, but this doesn’t restrict you from using any other app from the iOS App Store that is designed for note-taking or sketching and drawing. I personally use Paper by 53 as my primary sketching app, and I did not experience any issues with connectivity with this stylus.

Adonit is stating that making Jot Dash work cross-platform was not a small task. What this means is that you can use it with any iOS or Android device, phones and tablets as well. I believe this is going to be one of the major reasons why people are going to buy this exact model.

Even though a lot of nice things can be said about Adonit’s Jot Dash, there are also some critical points. One of them is the plastic tip that you can hear every time the stylus touches your iPad. This also creates very slippery feeling while writing, which is what you can expect from a plastic pen tip that slides across glass. I also missed some of the features that can be found in a bit more expensive styluses. One of them is palm rejection, which is one of the most annoying things that I had to deal with while testing this product. In addition, there is no pressure sensitivity, which is going to be a major letdown for many users. On the other hand, this means that Jot Dash will work with almost any iPad and iPhone app, even while you navigating through iOS’ menus.

Jot Dash scr2

If you are looking for an electronic stylus, I would recommend checking out Jot Dash. Its biggest selling points are the $50 price tag, elegant design, and reliable performance. However, this is not the stylus if you are looking for additional features that require Bluetooth connectivity, and these are higher priced in general. Jot Dash brings a lot of value for its price, and is one of the best electronic styluses that I tested in a while. In addition, I would highly recommend this stylus to anyone who plans to buy their very first iPad-compatible stylus, especially if you only want to write down some notes. In these terms, Jot Dash is one of the best styluses you can current find.