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Review: Alto’s Adventure

As one of the top selling iOS games at the moment, and the one that Apple is proud to show off on the front page of the iOS App Store, Alto’s Adventure managed to find its way to millions of iPhones and iPads. You must have noticed this game’s pretty little icon in case you browsed the App Store recently, since it really captures everyone’s attention with its beautiful design, which I am sure is one of the reasons why people tap on it to learn more about this game. This is the way Alto’s Adventure captured my attention as well, but after I realized how many positive user reviews there are, I decided to take it for a test.

Just like numerous previously successful iOS games, Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner that seems simple enough to start playing in an instant. Your task is to slide down across mountains and slopes as a snowboarder, rescuing llamas on your way, and doing as many tricks as you possibly can. If this doesn’t sound too challenging, than you really need to start playing this game to see how multi-layered and challenging it can get.


The first thing you will notice about this game are the stunningly designed visuals. Alto’s Adventure features breathtaking flat graphics, but its world is pretty much alive and packed with interesting backdrops. In addition, there is a dynamic day/night cycle, which adds to game play complexity thanks to different weather conditions. In addition, the soundtrack is very calming, while the sound effects are quirky and enjoyable.

Just like with any other endless runner, you can play Alto’s Adventure as long as you can stay on top of things. When it comes to controls, they are very simple. You will need to tap on the screen to jump, and hold your finger down for the snowboarder to do a back-flip. You will need to learn how to do combos and tricks, how to get the best possible momentum, and if you are successful enough – how to run against the Elders, who will try to get to you.

Alto’s Adventure 1

It is very difficult to create a game that seems simple to learn, but also very hard to master, which is exactly what Alto’s Adventure managed to do. There are numerous ways to challenge yourself, and there are over 180 different objectives to conquer, so there’s really high replay value in there. After all, you can always strive for the next level, which usually brings you a few advantages in terms of tokens that can used to increase the speed and protection against the rocks and similar obstacles.

Aside from nicely looking graphics and addictive game play, what I respect about Alto’s Adventure is a fair strategy that promotes premium gaming experience. This means that you get what you paid for, without having to be faced with aggressive in-app purchases. This is probably one of the most interesting iOS games that you can play at the moment, and the one that is well worth the money.


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