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Review: Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6

Mophie is known for a range of quality-made accessories for iOS devices and Macs, ranging from external batteries, charging docks, up to protective cases. However, this company is best known for a range of battery cases, so it was expected that we‘d see compatible products for the newest iPhone generation. We are going to review the Juice Pack Plus, made for iPhone 6 ($120).

This year, Mophie is dealing with a very tough competition. In case you are following Apple– and iPhone-related news, then you probably know that numerous companies are already offering their own take on a perfect battery case. Differently from previous generations, iPhone 6 owners can now choose from a number of affordable and high performing battery cases, whose price range comes somewhere between $50 and $80. As you saw in the previous paragraph, the Juice Pack Plus is priced at $120 and is currently one of the most expensive alternatives, so we were interested in seeing what kind of design and performance this price can offer. Continue reading to learn more.

I was happy to see that the company didn’t simply try to replicate some of their previous generations and copied their design drafts to the newest iPhone, but instead we have a completely new product. When it comes to the build quality, it is clear this is one of the best cases I’ve tried recently. It doesn’t only provide additional battery life, but also protects the phone as best as any case can.


The installation is very simple. You simply pull a pop-off top part away. Now slide your phone into the larger “slider” part of the case’s body, and return the top part in its original position. It couldn’t be any simpler. The front part of the case comes with a slightly extruded around-the-screen bumper, protecting the screen from accidental scratches if you tend to place your phone face-down. In order to ensure all-around protection, it is recommended to buy a protective screen film. There is also a standard-sized chin and small metallic vents for the microphones and speakers. What I like about battery cases is that the sound coming from speakers is usually loud due to amplification, and it is harder to cover the speaker and miss important calls and messages. As expected, there is the bottom-positioned micro-USB and headphone ports. You will receive a micro-USB cable that is used to recharge the case, and you will also receive a nice headphone adapter so you can use your headphones while your phone is placed inside of Juice Pack Plus. It is also interesting to add that Mophie sells Juice Pack Docks, so in case you like to place your phone onto a stand, you can now buy the dock that is compatible with this battery case.

All of the buttons are also properly protected, including the mute slider. These covers are nicely designed and they bring high levels of tactility. It is clear that designers at Mophie took care of various details, making this case feel “premium” in every possible way. By looking at the back side of the case you’ll see a large cutout for the camera, as well as two buttons and a series of LED lights. With most other battery cases, you usually get to use only one button that serves as a battery life indicator and an on/off switch, but Mophie is sticking to their own system. There are four LED lights that signalize how much power is left.

Before continuing with the performance results, it is also important to be said that we tested the black matte version, while you can also find white and gold variants, which are shinier.


The Juice Pack Plus comes with a 3,300 mAh battery inside, and provides “more than 120% extra battery” – as Mophie stated. The case comes pre-charged, so you can start using it immediately, which I think many potential buyers are going to like, especially if they are in a shop with their nearly drained iPhones. We used a fully charged case with the fully depleted iPhone 6, so we can get the most accurate results. The battery case performed even better than advertised and was able of bringing 140% of additional charge. The case recharged itself very quickly as well, since the Juice Pack Plus brings 1.8 Amp recharging speed, through it is capped at 1 Amp output to the iPhone 6. It is also worth mentioning that the case enables pass-through charging and syncing while connected to a computer. This means that you will be able to sync your phone as you normally would, and that your iPhone 6 will be recharged first, and then the Juice Pack will start recharging.

Mophie’s Juice Pack Plus shows the company’s expertise in making high-quality and high-performing battery cases. When it comes to both design and performance, this is one of the best products for the current iPhone generation. It is high priced, and even though we would have liked to see somewhat more attractive price, it is clear that Juice Pack Plus is an easy pick. In case you are looking for an amazing all-around battery case for your iPhone 6, we strongly recommend using Mophie’s Juice Pack Plus.

As a final note, we would like to add a couple of additional information that might help you with choosing the right battery case. When it comes to other Mophie products, you can find the thinner Juice Pack Air (priced at $100), which brings 100% extra battery and is thinner than the one we reviewed. In addition, you can choose from eight vibrant colors. On the other hand, if you don’t care about how thin a battery case is, we recommend looking for the Juice Pack Ultra, which is high-capacity and high-performing battery case that brings 150% longer battery life. However, it is priced at $150. This one comes in the same colors as the Juice Pack Plus (matte black, and polished white and gold).


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