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OS X Sierra References to an OLED Touch Bar

A couple of days ago we wrote about the possibility of introducing an OLED touch bar with new MacBook models. As expected, developers were hard at work by inspecting macOS’ code in order to find hints of future technologies, and OLED touch bar was among them.

New MacBook Pro scr3

There are numerous new resources showing that we’ll see the implementation of this technology with the next-generation notebooks. For example, “kHIDUsage_LED_NoNotDistrub” shows that a dedicated LED Do Not Disturb button might find its place in the OLED touch bar. Furthermore, the “kHIDUsage_LED” points to fast forward, rewind, play, pause, and power functions, all of which are now located in the function row of keys.

There is also an interesting “kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode” which hints at a button that would perhaps enable dark mode, as well as Do Not Disturb on the Mac.

However, this is not the only set of discovered hints. There are references to biometric input, which correlates to another rumor of Apple implementing Touch ID to the Mac. There is also a new resource in macOS Sierra that hints at support of “USB Super Speed+”, which is actually USB 3.1.

All of these discovered hints are clearly showing that Apple is seriously investigating these technologies, as well as that we might find an OLED touch bar in future MacBooks. Still, Apple has all the right to deactivate this code in case of any problems, so it will be interesting to see what the company is planning for this fall.

New MacBook Pro scr2


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