Friday, October 23, 2020
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Siri to Become a Google Home Competitor

Last week, Google unveiled its Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home. This is the second highly capable personal assistant put into its own web-connected device. Now, there are new reports that are saying that Apple is planning to do the same with Siri.

The Information reports that Apple will finally open up it is Siri personal assistant to third-party applications by released an SDK. This means that developers will be able to create a connection between their apps and Siri, which would greatly improve the personal assistant’s capabilities.

Siri scr1
Even though this digital assistant can already work with third-parties, such as Yelp, these deals are on a company-by-company basis. Using an SDK, any developer would be able to integrate their app with this technology.
For example, Uber could gain new kinds of interactions with Siri, where users can request a car via Apple’s virtual assistant.

Furthermore, the report also notes that Apple has been working on a device dedicated to Siri even before Amazon introduced the Echo in mid-2015. The device will come with a speaker and it will be web-connected. It is also assumed that it would work with HomeKit, Apple smart home automation technology.

The company is planning to make the SDK available in time for WWDC, which takes place in just a couple of weeks. It is still unknown whether the actual hardware will be released at the same time.


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