TMSC will be in charge for the next-generation “A10” chip

Freshly surfaced reports claim that Apple will rely solely on TMSC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) to produce the next-generation system-on-chip design that will power this year’s iPhone.

Even though this might not sound like an intriguing information, it should be said that TMSC actually outclassed Samsung in this year’s race to produce the next generation chip. Thanks to the company’s advanced InFO (integrated fan out) architecture, the next generation “A10” chip should be thinner and lighter as well.

TMSC scr1

This also indicates a shift from Apple’s current chain strategy. It is estimated that Samsung is producing around 70 percent of this year’s A9 chip, while TMSC is picking up the slack.

It is expected that Apple will introduce the next-generation iPhone design during the usual fall update window. Some of the most notable rumors indicate that the iPhone 7 will come with two back-facing cameras. In addition, we should see the aging 3.5mm headphone jack left behind.

Even though the “A10” chip should be quite capable and support this year’s iPhone capabilities, more powerful variants will be needed to power next-gen iPad models. It is unknown if TMSC will also be in charge for these chips.