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What are the Top 10 Apps for Apple Watch?

Apple is arguably called the best technological company in the world. Its new Apple Watch, which is its very first smartwatch, is considered as the best device available in the global smartwatch market. Being equipped with innovative and outstanding features, it will definitely be one of the most revolutionary devices at the recent times. Let’s know about the top 10 apps for this outstanding device.


10. Mayo Clinic Synthesis


Mayo Clinic Synthesis is not only a great app for the patients but also for the physicians, as it allows both the parties to maintain communication, check and update appointments, and track the progress. With the help of this app, the patient can view their next appointments, along with the dates, times and locations, with the physicians. On the other hand, it helps the physicians to see the daily appointment list, status of the patient, basic patient demographics and the reason for the patient’s visit. This app has indeed paved a new way for innovating the mobile medical system.

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9. Mint


Mint is an app that manages your budget and personal finance efficiently. It analyzes your daily expenditure and provides you with a suitable suggestion for spending the money. It tracks your spending limits and at the end of the month, it will provide you with a detailed information about how much money has been spent on a particular category. In this way, Mint is able to help you to keep your monthly budget on track.


8. Fandango


Fandango is one of the best apps for the Apple Watch. It is a “movie going” app. That means, it allows you to purchase guaranteed movie tickets, enabling you to watch your favorite movies in your nearby movie theaters. It also notifies you about the start time of your movie, which can help you to get into the theater in time. Again, you can browse movies and theaters with this app. You can filter movies with respect to different factors, including genres and M4AA  rating & format. Moreover, it allows you to watch exclusive interviews and trailers. Overall, Fandango is the best Apple Watch app for the movie fans.


7. PayByPhone Parking


The electronic parking management system has seen a rapid growth in the last few years, especially in the major US cities. With the introduction of PayByPhone Parking app in the Apple Watch, the particular system has received a major boost. Whenever the parking time is close to elapsing, PayByPhone Parking app sends a notification to your Apple Watch, allowing you to avoid expensive parking tickets. Moreover, it allows you to add more time on the meter, enabling you to spend more time at the shopping mall without coming back to your car.


6. Polyglot


Polyglot is a very popular translating app. Being powered by the Microsoft Translator, the app is able to translate messages into more than 50 different languages by recognizing the voice of the user with the help of Siri. More interestingly, it can translate into the Klingon language from the Star Trek! It has a great design and is very easy to use. It is really a handy app for the Apple Watch users, as you can speak to your international colleagues in their language!


5. Sky Guide


If you are an enthusiast of the cosmos and space, Sky Guide is the perfect app for your Apple Watch. It is a guide to the stars and constellations. Whenever you hold your Apple Watch up to the sky, Sky Guide will automatically find not only the stars and constellations but also planets and satellites. More specifically, it is able to notify you whenever the International Space Station is flying over your home. Consequently, it paves a great chance for you to tweet to the astronauts  to inform them that you are living just below their station!

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4. Hotel Tonight


If you are that person who has to travel through different cities for the most part of the year, you must have the Hotel Tonight app in your Apple Watch. It uses the Apple Map to find the nearby hotels and view the details of the existing bookings. More importantly, it allows you to get the most attractive discounts at the last minute for the empty rooms of the best hotels and helps you to save a huge amount of money. That means, even if you are travelling through a completely unknown city, you will never need to worry about spending your night at a great hotel.

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3. Citymapper


As the name implies, Citymapper is a transit app that guides you to your destination efficiently with its outstanding features. The app is able to find the most suitable transport and route for your destination by analyzing your location with the help of GPS. It provides not only step by step instructions to get to the nearest bus stops but also notifies the arrival time of the next transports. Unlike other similar apps, it is able to detect the weather of your destination.  In this way, it helps you to perform real-time trip planning efficiently.  

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2. Expedia


While Citymapper guides you to the bus stops, Expedia helps you to get to the airports. If you have to get into the planes frequently, you must have this app in your Apple Watch. It displays not only terminals and gate numbers but also notifies you with 20 different types of alerts, including flight status, hotel check-in and check-out times, and gate changes. It also allows you to reserve tickets not only for airport shuttles and ground transports but also for tours, shows and theme parks. Again, it provides you with up to 40% discount for mobile-exclusive hotel deals, which helps you to save a lot of money.


1. Nike+ Running


The Nike+ Running is considered as the best app for the Apple Watch due to its outstanding fitness tracking feature. It helps you to achieve your daily fitness goal by tracking and analyzing your runs. It allows you to capture photos of your memorable moment during and after running, which can be later customized with metrics and routes. You can share the information of your runs with your friend as well as view their runs, which helps you to be competitive and stay motivated. However, the most significant feature of the Nike+ Running app is its ability to analyze your data on Apple Health and provide you with important information about your health while running, including your heart rate. If you are determined to maintain your fitness, you must have this app in your Apple Watch.     

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