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WWDC 2016: What To Expect From OS X 10.12?

Even though El Capitan is packed with interesting and useful features, many of us are looking forward to the next OS X version. Codenamed Fuji, OS X 10.12 is just around the corner since Apple’s WWDC keynote will happen tomorrow, June 13 at 10 am PDT. This is when we’ll get to learn about the upcoming OS X update, but until then let’s take a look at what we can expect. 

In the following guide, you can find information from numerous trusted sources about new features that might find their way to OS X 10.12. We also added our wishlist of what we want to see in the upcoming OS X update. 


WWDC 2016: What To Expect From OS X 10.12?


OS X 10.12 Release Date


Since many of you are interested in when you’ll be able to use the next OS X version, we are going to start this guide with this information.

By taking a look at past OS X update release dates, we expect the final version of OS X 10.12 to be available in September or October of 2016. However, you will see Apple’s plans for its desktop operating system much soon – perhaps even tomorrow.

Several credible websites shared their web traffic numbers and showed increasing numbers of devices running iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 that were used to access this website. First visitors appeared back in January of 2016, while today there are a lot of those who are previewing the next update to OS X. This suggests that a WWDC 2016 appearance is likely, with Apple testing its upcoming operating system internally.


OS X to Be Rebranded?


As we reported earlier, Apple might be planning to rename OS X at its WWDC media event. This should bring the desktop operating system much closer to other operating systems the company develops (iOS, tvOS, watchOS). There was a file spotted in OS X’s System folder that references “macOS”.

You can read more about Apple’s rebranding plans by following this link.


What About System Requirements?


There is a decent chance that system requirements are going to be same as last year, for El Capitan. It is interesting to notice that Apple hasn’t changed the system requirements for a number of years, so the company will want to push its OS X a bit further.

Like Yosemite and Mavericks before it, El Capitan can run on the following Macs:

  • iMac – mid-2007 or later;
  • MacBook – 13-inch aluminum, late 2008; 13-inch, early 2009;
  • MacBook Pro – 13-inch, mid-2009 or later; 15- and 17-inch, mid-2007 or later;
  • MacBook Air – late 2008 or later;
  • Mac Mini – early 2009 or later;
  • Xserve – early 2009.


Siri for Mac


Perhaps the biggest selling point of the upcoming OS X 10.12 will be the availability of Siri on Macs. This is hardly a surprise, with Siri being on the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple TV for a while now, while being absent from Macs. During this time, Microsoft has managed to bring Cortana to Windows, so we believe that Apple will do the same with Siri.

According to 9to5Mac, Siri has been under development for three years now. This virtual assistant should come with its own icon in the OS X menu bar, but it will be accessible via keyboard shortcuts as well.

Mac OS 10 12 Siri



It is believed that Siri will work and behave in the same manner as on Apple’s other platform, so there are no surprises there. It is claimed that when a Mac is connected to power, users will be able to use the always-on “Hey Siri” feature present on the newest iOS devices.


Touch ID Availability


A recurrent rumor says that Apple will add a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to its Mac range. However, even though we are sure this will happen at some point in the future, we believe that Apple doesn’t have any strong plans to bring this along OS X 10.12.

However, as MacRumors reports, a version of this feature might be showcased during this year’s WWDC. Apparently, you will be able to unlock your Mac using Touch ID on a companion iPhone.

Mac OS X 10 12 Touch ID

Interestingly enough, this is something that’s already available for numerous iOS users. Some present Apple devices let you unlock a paired Apple Watch via the Touch ID. This option can be found in the settings. In a similar manner, you can also unlock the Apple Watch by entering the iPhone’s passcode.


iTunes Redesign


In addition to Siri becoming available on OS X, rumors also suggest that iTunes is to get a complete redesign. If you’re a long-term OS X user, I am sure this won’t’ come as a surprise.

Apple’s iTunes is a great way to enjoy all kinds of digital content, but it has gotten overly complicated during the past years. With numerous new features being added, olds ones were eliminated in the same manner. This led to a need for the full redesign.

iTunes Redesign Mac OS X 10 12

The redesign should make iTunes more intuitive while enhancing the integration of its streaming and download aspects. We expect to see the first glimpse at a new iTunes app during Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2016.


Our wish-list


More reliable and faster Spotlight search. Even though we appreciate Apple’s effort to simplify the Spotlight in El Capitan, this has led to several annoying problems. This system often fails to return items that we need and also misses finding apps.

Dedicated Music App for OS X 10.12. Even though if iTunes gets a much-needed redesign, we would still like to get a dedicated music app. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to break down iTunes into several smaller apps, which could ease up how we interact with different kinds of digital content.

iCloud Time Machine. With iOS devices being able to backup to iCloud, it is strange that we still can’t use iCloud to back up our Macs. Sure, this would take a lot of cloud space, so having to pay extra for this solution might not be a bad idea. I know many of you would be happy to have an automated cloud backup.


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