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You Can Now Add Song Snippets to Your Status Updates via Facebook’s iOS App

Starting today, you are able to place song snippets into your Facebook posts by using the social network’s iOS application.

The new feature, called Music Stories, allows you to share 30-second song samples by simply copying and pasting a link into your status update. This feature currently works with Apple Music and Spotify.

Apple Music Stories

As expected, you can play song snippets from within the Facebook app, so you don’t have to use a different app for this functionality. In case you’d like to listen to the whole song, you can click on a link, which will take you to the full track on Apple Music, you can purchase it from iTunes, or you can add it to your music library.

Even though Music Stories currently supports only Apple Music and Spotify, it is expected that other popular services will be supported soon, like Pandora, Rdio, and Tidal.

You will need to update the Facebook app on your iPhone. Either way, it is always recommended to keep up with the updates when it comes to this social network’s official app, as we recently wrote since the previous update fixed some serious battery drain issues.

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