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Are iPhone users smarter than Android users?

New York, NY- You can literally feel proud of being an iPhone user now as a study has proved that smarter people use iPhones. When compared to the Android users, the iPhone users are considered smarter.

Chitika, an online advertising network conducted the study in which it came out clear that iPhone is more popular among the college graduates. Alaska, Montana and Vermont hold the highest iPhone users’ percentage with 66% of the total sales whereas; Mexico, Iowa and Delaware share the lowest percentage of iPhone per capita sales with 41%.

iPhone sales are correlated with the increased wealth in the market. And, also college degrees are linked with higher incomes. Chitika claims that these findings are unnecessary. Several studies found parallel results. White, rich males buy more iPhones mostly in the first weeks of their launch. Stats showed that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus’ 80% consumers were males of The United States.

This study also revealed another fact which was no surprise. The iPhone sales are also directly proportional to population density. More the density of the population in a state, more are the chances of it to have higher iPhone sales than other states. If we compare global sale stats, Google’s Android win the race, but in The United States, Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular smartphone. According the comScore, more than 42% smartphones in the United States are iPhones. Samsung holds 28% share in it. These stats tell the story of iPhone’s popularity.

Chitika confesses that the findings of the study are not widespread as the study was conducted only in states and not in smaller areas. Such results, which do not contain information/stats from the cities and neighborhoods, lack quality.

We ask you – Are iPhone users smarter than Android users? Tell us what you think in the comments section!




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