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Guide: How To Set Up a Brand New Mac?

Even though Macs and OS X (or MacOS - as Apple's operating system is called now) are very intuitive and easy to use, many users are...

Touch Bar: How To Use & Tips and Tricks

As you’ve probably heard, the new MacBook Pro is finally reaching its new users. We recently took a look at this brand-new notebook and...

JustGoodBites’ Guide to Gaming on a Mac

You probably already know that if you need a computing for playing games, a Mac isn’t the best choice. This especially goes for those...

Photos for Mac – The Ultimate Guide

Photos for Mac is an application that is built into your MacOS and which allows you to store images and videos you’ve taken on...

iMovie: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Macs have always been known for their ease-of-use and tools that are designed for everyday users. If you are a long-time Mac user, you...

Guide: How to Fix Common Mac Problems

After installing the latest OS X update, you can easily run into multiple problems that can prevent you from enjoying in your Mac. Some...

How To Improve Your Old Mac’s Performance

There are numerous ways to see if your Mac is having a hard time to deliver the performance you’re expecting. Every computer begins to...

ALL you need to know about Siri on macOS Sierra

With macOS Sierra being finally released and available to anyone who uses Mac OS X and has a six-year-old Mac at least, it’s time...

Guide: How to Install Windows on a Mac?

Even though Macs and Windows-powered computers were two separate worlds until several years back, today you can install Windows on a Mac. However, there...

Notes App: Advanced Tips & Tricks

Apple’s Notes app on iOS and OS X was one of those apps that we all knew were there, but hardly ever used them....

Guide: Hidden Mac OS Sierra Features

It has been more than a week since Apple announced macOS Sierra, and we’ve gotten a chance to try it out for ourselves. Even...

macOS Sierra: ALL The New Features!

At 2016’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple didn’t just announce a new major version of its desktop operating system, but a whole new identity. With...


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