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How to Set Up & Use Apple Pay?

Even though mobile payment systems aren’t anything new, it took a couple of years for these systems and platforms to become widely accepted. Apple’s...

iCloud Drive: The Complete Guide!

Even though we all have access to our own iCloud Drive space (all you need to have is your own Apple ID), not many...

iOS 10 Widgets Guide For the Best Apps for Your iPhone

With iOS 10 being finally released, iOS users from all around the world can finally update their devices and enjoy in what Apple has...

Guide: ALL You Need to Know About iOS 10

It’s official! Apple’s latest major version of its mobile operating system is slated for release just a couple of days from now (September 13th)....

The Complete Guide to Apple’s HomeKit Technology

Apple’s HomeKit technology has been around for some time, but it somehow still confuses iOS users who are not aware of its benefits. There...

Guide: All You Need To Know About Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. According to the latest data, there are 65 million users in the United States alone, which...

iOS 10: Everything About The New Features

The next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system, called iOS 10, is coming this fall. Thanks to Apple’s WWDC keynote speech, we exactly...

Guide: iOS 9.3 – New Features and Refinements

The latest iOS release brings numerous refinements and a couple of new features. Even though Apple is making sure to advertise them and make...

Learn How to Free Up iCloud Storage Space

Apple’s iCloud service has been around for quite some time and managed to get numerous new features and improvements over the years. However, this...

Our Best Tips on How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

The latest iPhone generation is more capable than ever, providing us access to advanced applications and high-end cameras. However, this also means that many...

Guide: The Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Ever since the iPhone 4 came out, Apple’s smartphone became known for its camera. The current iPhone generation brings one of the best optics...

Our Favorite iOS 9 Tips and Tricks

Apple’s iOS 9 was released back in September, with numerous refinements at every level. However, perhaps the biggest changes aren’t as visible as they...


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