Magnetic Charging Cable for the Apple Watch is now available!

Just a couple of days ago, we wrote about the first unofficial images of Apple’s new charger for the company’s smartwatch. These images turned out to be valid since Apple has now officially announced their new Apple Watch Dock called Magnetic Charging Dock.

Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch is a flat, round dock that allows users to lay down the Watch on top of the charger, or place the Watch upright with the band closed (for the new Nightstand mode). In the central part is the round magnetic disc, which is what actually charges your Watch.

Apple Watch Magnetic Dock Charger scr1

Additionally, the dock comes with a Lightning cable, which is a bit longer than normal at 6.5 feet (2 meters). The cable can be plugged directly into the dock via a port on the edge.

The Magnetic Charging Watch is priced at $79, and you can already order it via Apple’s online store as well as find it at various retail stores around the world. You can also order it for in-store pickup in the US, starting today (November 20th).

This is the first dock for the Apple Watch made by Apple itself, which surely appeals to many potential customers. However, you might want to take a look at our “Apple Watch Accessories” section, where you can find some amazing alternatives that also much more affordable.