Is Apple Planning On Releasing Its Own Smartwatch Charger?

As you are probably aware, Apple hasn’t yet released a charging dock for the Apple Watch, but it seems that might be changing – according to some recently started rumors.

A set of pictures has leaked today, showing Apple-branded, round charging station for the company’s smartwatch. The box, pictured below, makes it seem like you’re buying a CD rather than a dock or stand, but this certainly seems like something that would come from Apple.

Apple Watch Dock 1

The white pad allows the Apple Watch to charged lying flat, as well as in a horizontal orientation – making it possible to use the nightstand mode, added in WatchOS 2. There is also a port for the Lightning cable, where the rest of the device is very simplistic and without any visual distractions.

Apple Watch Dock scr3

Apple Watch Dock scr2

Apple Watch Dock scr4

Several websites are speculating that this dock could be priced around $100, which seems to be on the expensive side compared to similar products. You can certainly find amazingly designed Apple Watch docks, that are also very functional, for around $30-50 at Amazon, or in Apple’s own retail stores. However, this price wouldn’t be as surprising considering that Apple is currently selling the $169 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, which is also on the expensive side.