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Best iOS Games: What To Play?

It is safe to say that iOS is one of the best mobile gaming systems you can currently use. Thanks to its awesome internals...

Review: Super Mario Run (With Tips & Tricks)

Super Mario Run has finally arrived at the iOS App Store! For many of us who played this iconic title on some of the...

Prisma Packs Artistic and Diverse Photo Filters and Effects

One thing is sure when it comes to the iOS App Store, and that is the fact that there is no shortage of photo-editing...

Apple Pencil And The iPad Pro Are A Match Made In Heaven

The iOS App Store offers plenty of choices when it comes to gaming, regardless of a genre you are interested in. Hardcore gamers will...

Review: Pokémon Go

After several delays, Pokémon Go is finally available to iOS users, free of charge. Even though the game only recently launched, it spread like...

Review: Never Alone – Ki Edition

Even though many of us believe that iOS games can’t be as addictive as console games, I strongly disagree with that. Sure, there are...

Review: Google’s Gboard

Android users were able of adding and using third party keyboards for a long time now. This was one of the biggest points against...

Review: Don’t Starve (Pocket Edition)

From time to time, a game becomes so popular that it influences other developers to create similar games. Sometimes this can be a good...

Review: LOUD on Planet X

With thousands of developers trying to find their place on the iOS App Store, it is expected that not everyone will find a place...

Review: Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run was one of those games that I kept seeing on the iOS App Store, even though I never tried this title....

Review: Chameleon Run

The iOS App Store is full of all kinds of endless runners. This gaming genre seems to be highly suitable for a handheld device,...

Review: INKS.

A couple of months back, we wrote about a game named Lumino City. This was one of those games that I know I will...
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